Kitchen & Waiting Staff

We are currently looking for part-time and full time Waiting Staff.
Please read the information below before applying - if you are prepared to accept these basic principles, please email your CV and covering letter to the General Manager, Fulvio Bertani:

Equal Opportunities

The Company is committed to an active policy of equal opportunities from recruitment and selection, through training and development, appraisal and promotion, to retirement.

Furthermore it is our policy to promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimization where everyone will receive equal treatment regardless of gender, colour, ethnic or national origins, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation or religion. All decisions relating to employment practices will be objective, free from bias and will be based upon work related criteria and individual merit.

The Company will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimization of any kind and will deal with such behavior through the disciplinary procedure.

We will at all times endeavour

  • To treat people at all levels in the Company with fairness, integrity and respect
  • To provide a working environment that is healthy, safe and of the highest practicable quality
  • To encourage and promote team work
  • To pay people fairly in accordance with their level of responsibility, their effort and their contribution to the success of the business
  • To create a happy and fun working environment
  • To be flexible to an employee's needs in difficult circumstances
  • To remember that all people are people and not a number

Kitchen Staff

Working in a kitchen can be very rewarding but you must be in the right frame of mind:
  • Long antisocial hours
  • Hot environment
  • Passion for details
  • Love of food

Career Development And Management Opportunities

How do you see your career progressing? You may consider yourself as temporary and your job as purely a means to earn some money. Or you may want to progress further but feel that without qualifications you will be limited to how far you can go. 

At Olivo formal qualifications are not our first concern as we believe we can train everybody to have the required qualities to work in the restaurant trade.

Restaurant Managers/Supervisors