Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. Olive is awarded for every £25 spent
  2. Once 14 Olives (£350 spent) have been awarded, the customer can redeem a £15 voucher on their next visit (on presentation of a completed Loyalty Card). The loyalty card will then be disposed of by the Restaurant Manager and a replacement offered to the customer.
  3. Please note that the voucher cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer or discount cards.
  4. Please note that only one full card at the time can be used
  5. Olives will only be awarded for bills of £25 or more.
  6. Management reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time.
  7. Loyalty Cards are only valid when marked with the original stamp provided by the Restaurant Manager.
  8. The Loyalty Card expires after 12 months from the date of the first olive awarded. The £15 voucher must be redeemed within this same 12 month period.
  9. The Loyalty Card cannot be used against Christmas & New Year party expenditure for groups of 20 or more diners.
  10. Olives can only be stamped at the time of billing.
  11. It is the customers responsibility to request an Olive stamp from the restaurant staff. Once diners have left the restaurant it will not be possible to stamp the Loyalty Card at any other time, irrespective of whether a valid receipt is presented to restaurant staff at a later date.
  12. The maximum number of Olives that can be accumulated at any one sitting is 14, e.g. for a large party where the bill exceeds £350, the total number of Olive stamps to be offered is 14.